Bingo wings beckoning, glutes going south and reaching a funny age……… something has to change. Tried walking, fast walking, running and aerobics, which are great for cardio vascular exercise, but they just don’t do the job required now……..toning, that is.


So I turned to pilates. I’ve been going weekly for 5 months now and I cannot believe the difference. All those muscles which had lost their identity are now happy to do their job, including the oblique abdominal muscles and not forgetting the triceps. Just 1 session per week reminds me to adopt better posture and to remember that oh so important pelvic floor.


Yes, I expected better muscle tone, but what I did not bargain for was the impact on my stress levels. I go straight after work and usually arrive wound up and running on overdrive. A few minutes in and I feel calm, and my mind is totally absorbed in trying to achieve the most unbelievable, controlled exercise where the tiniest movement can make such a difference. I leave feeling completely relaxed, balanced and set up for the rest of the week.


I am sure that I am finding once more the gap between my thighs which pregnancy obliterated many years ago!


Pilates……..reaches the parts other exercises do not reach.Sue, Practice Manager

I have done Pilates on & off for the last 3 years, primarily to strengthen my lower back ( which is prone to spasms), although I am fairly active, I found that Pilates helps me with my posture & feeling of well being more than anything.


I started in January 2012 at a small class with Joanne.


Joanne’s approach to Pilates is very fresh and thorough. The key thing in Pilates is knowing when you’re doing it right, Joanne is really great at conveying this, both through great instruction and ‘challenging’ exercises.


By using a variety of equipment, I feel I get a really good work-out. I come away from her classes having learnt something, both about Pilates and my body too! I would thoroughly recommend these classes to everyone.Jayne, Manager

I started taking Pilates classes with Joanne Cornish 6 months ago. It is one of the best things I have done.

As a 65 year old – out of practice doing regular exercise and beginning to be aware of various aches and creaking joint – I was nervous. However, any apprehension I felt soon disappeared as Jo has a warm and humorous personality which inspires confidence.


Her teaching style is well organised, gives clear instruction and demonstration based on her obvious depth of knowledge of her subject.


She is aware of individual’s needs and problems and gives alternative exercises to suit that individual. I leave the class mentally and physically relaxed.


Pilates gives me an hour a week to devote to myself and redirects my focus from everyday responsibilites.Mary, retired

Doing exercises working muscles which have been lazy for too long, you really want to trust your instructor. You need to push the muscles, to really make them work, but you do not want to damage yourself or to exacerbate any previous injuries or war wounds you may be carrying. Joanne is such an instructor….she smiles and laughs a lot, she keeps group classes moving, whilst adapting exercises on an individual level. She explains exactly what each exercise is intended to do, and is relentless in reminding us to release tense shoulders and other such weird poses we perform!

But she is no mouse, she is calmly and gently assertive and does not allow you to give up. She is so patient and responsive to the needs of the class. She does the job you want her to do, in an easy but reassuring manner. I cannot recommend her more highly.Chris, Administrator